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The Future Works Enterprise is a room full of highly talented and motivated technology professionals who are constantly working towards making technology usable, accessible and also affordable at the lowest levels.
Equipped with diverse technical expertise, and fuelled by our passion for Research and Development, the Future Works team is committed to the cause of solving real problems through technology solutions that not only meet the technical and functional aspirations of the user, but are also made available to the users meeting the user’s financial constraints.



The Future Works Hand Held Terminal is an indigenous Handheld appliance designed to serve a cashless and

Among the sudden rush of home automation solutions and smart-speakers, the Future Works Automation Suite – DAT

The FutureWorks Vehicle Tracking devices are GPS-equipped mobility appliances that may be installed into vehicles, for

The Wizdom framework is a complete Online distance-education solution that makes provides an easy to use

It is one thing to complain about the problems citizens face in their day to day lives

There is virtually too much action happening all over the world. With varied news related to a

One problem that most households face is the irregularity of the scheduled garbage pick-up trucks doing

Regardless of the type of outfit doing the job, securing a perimeter is a stressful job. The

Even as the Government of India releases the new Rural Telecom Policy increasing the connectivity and bandwidth

Automation and Control systems for the basis of most plants and factories, with multiple machines and work

Our |Team|

Tapan Sangal

Managing Director

Shailendra Dixit

Marketing Head

Neeraj Aggarwal

Director - Research & Development