The Future Works Enterprise is a room full of highly talented and motivated technology professionals who are constantly working towards making technology usable, accessible and also affordable at the lowest levels.
Equipped with diverse technical expertise, and fuelled by our passion for Research and Development, the Future Works team is committed to the cause of solving real problems through technology solutions that not only meet the technical and functional aspirations of the user, but are also made available to the users meeting the user’s financial constraints.
Having solid technical experience from designing defense communication systems to making small point-of-sale devices for the corner store merchant, and technologies ranging from data acquisition and EDI to Railways Signaling and creating fly-by-wire testers for fighter aircraft, the Future Works team is ready to take up any challenge that the world decides to throw our way.

Mission Statement

To emerge as a One-of-a-Kind R&D outfit capable of creating indigenous technology solutions using our expertise in in the field of electronics and information technology, and to play a vital role in the way the technology industry moves in the times to come.