Let there be WiFi

Even as the Government of India releases the new Rural Telecom Policy increasing the connectivity and bandwidth available for rural India, the dream of a Digital India sounds more and more doable, and the vision to extend the fruits of Information Technology and Digital Economy gets clearer,

There are, however, rural areas where digitization may have to take a back-seat for want of basic electricity and lighting available in these villages. While the Government is actively pursuing the use of Solar Energy to setup the electrical supply and street lights in these areas, there is the additional effort required to extend the last mile digital network connectivity to houses within these villages

The FutureWorks Wifi Mesh Appliance is a powerful, low-energy device that is capable of creating a robust wifi-zone across villages, simply by adding the device to street-light poles. Sharing minimal power from the same source that powers the street lights, a small network created by installing a number of these devices, gives the last mile reach of Digital India to villages all around the village.

Coupled with an intelligent controller and the Future Works Automation Nodes, the device provides the additional plus that allows the authorities to monitor and control street lights remotely. Hooking up a surveillance camera to the WiFi Mesh allows the same infrastructure to be leveraged to achieve the Safe-City / Smart-City goals – goals that are expensive and challenging enough in metropolitan cities, where the infrastructure and technology providers are already in place.