Lets Govern

It is one thing to complain about the problems citizens face in their day to day lives, and quite another to expect work done. The reason is simply lack of accountability. But in the world’s largest democracy, can we not expect a little more control over the governance of our nation. Or at the very least, those things that bother the citizens of a day to day basis.

The Lets Govern platform is designed for citizens to put in their problems – not just bouquets and brickbats, but real tangible problems, that would eventually reach the concerned people in the concerned department.

But more than just being a notification app, the app tracks the resolution of the problems over a period of time- giving a clean chit to the concerned individual, only when the citizen is satisfied. If unsolved for a substantial amount of time, the query escalates to the next rung in the hierarchy, with a clear and straight path thar leads straight to the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister’s office.

We have often cribbed and cried about how sincere politicians get lost in the murky world of dirty politics, where perceptions are more significant than reality. This app is designed to set the perception, based on nothing but cold facts- facts that are collected not from the officials, but from those actually benefiting, or suffering from the state of affairs.

The efficiency of problem resolution is duly recorded. The laxity in resolving problems is also duly notified. Does this not give us ample grounds to choose the next Government.

We do, after all, get the Government that We Deserve.

The Lets Govern Platform is aimed at bringing transparency and accountability, at least with respect to our day to day problems. The goal is to address the areas where we can complain all we like and end up being just a statistic and nothing more.

For those ready to ride the bandwagon, the app serves as a no-cheating marksheet for the world to speak. For those making an effort, no effort will be spared to ensure that the actions are heard, acknowledged and credited.

Into such a heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake.