Automation and Control systems for the basis of most plants and factories, with multiple machines and work-horse systems operate 24 x 7, producing some aspect or the other, which powers and moves the lives and lifestyles of people at large.

While most modern industries and plants are already equipped with state-of-art control systems, there are those typically setup over three decades ago that still adhere to the old ways. Efficient and robust in their own right, these systems have performed tirelessly and effectively, delivering the dues since the day they were commissioned.

Lacking only in the agility of modern systems, with little or no ability allowing remote control and monitoring, the plant-owners face a strange delima. To write-off such installations in favour of fresh investment on modern equipment, or continue in the present form, hoping to keep up or at least cut their losses.

The Future Works Enterprises looks towards powering the future, with a keen respect and admiration of the past. With the expertise to fill the missing gaps, the Future Works Enterprises can create a differential solution to bridge the divide. Modern Control mechanisms designed to utilize the existing infrastructure form a great solution – without compromising on the power and the ability of these proven work-horses, allowing the plan owners to remotely monitor and manage the operations.

Experienced plant managers would additionally benefit from using a customized interface that allows them to use their expertise and hard-learnt tricks of the trade, to effectively get the most out of such systems – and not just learn to use what modern vendors decide to throw at them.