Smart Home Solution

Among the sudden rush of home automation solutions and smart-speakers, the Future Works Automation Suite – DAT comes across as a refreshing alternate. The DAT framework allows the users to manage their homes and managed spaces easily and seamlessly through voice-commands and instructions, as per their normal conversational habit.

The Smart Home Solution from Future Works is not designed to be a High-End luxury sort of a novelty item, but a smart, crisp and affordably utility solution designed for the middle-class masses.

Specifically designed to simplify the user’s life, the Smart Home solution is capable of doing all those things that one expects from a Jarvis or Science-Fiction Home Automation Systems. The only difference between these systems is the complete indifference that our system has – to the appliances that are controlled by it.

One does not expect a middle-class household to invest upto Rs. 1800 on a Smart Bulb. While some of these devices can be fun to show-off they seldom add utility to the day-to-day living of the household. The Future Works Smart Home system works with regular appliances.

It is left to the user to decide which bulbs, lights or appliances he decides to use. The Future Works system seamlessly adds the smarts to any generic off the shelf device that you use in your homes.


  • Complete automation control over all household lights, fans and other appliances used in the home regardless of its brand or type
  • Complete voice-control allows the user to verbally talk to the house using their normal terminology, without having to lean any complex commands or phrases.
  • The language and terminology used to speak to the house is completely left to the user to define. The user does not need to learn any fancy special commands or phrases
  • The System also provides remote management of the household appliances and features through a smartphone or PDA.
  • The remote access to homes is properly secured using multiple layers and formats of security, allowing you complete peace of mind- without the feat of being hacked.
  • An intelligent Video Door Phone that forms a critical part of the DAT infrastructure is cleverly designed with a holt of new features and conveniences, typically useful to the average house-holder.
  • Powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Capabilities, the system learns from the experience, gradually anticipating your requirements and working more efficiently.
  • The system allows complete customization of operations, doing specific tasks when specific conditions are met
  • Panic button coupled with the system as a Wearable device / desktop or wall-mounted appliance allows the resident to summon help and assistance in emergency conditions just by the press of a button
  • Interfaced with bedside patient monitoring tools the system is capable of generating notifications and reminders that may be critical to ensure the wellness of a suffering member of the household.