Story of the Elusive Trash Collector

One problem that most households face is the irregularity of the scheduled garbage pick-up trucks doing the rounds to collect garbage bags from their homes. Whether or not the Garbage pick-up man drops by everyday, he does arrive with prompt regularity in the beginning of the month to collect the fee. The best you can hope for, is for him to agree upon the number of days on which he failed to arrive, accordingly re-calculating the dues on pro-rata.

The problem is easily solved using a simple RFID card issued to each household, where the pick-up truck is scheduled to drop by for Garbage collection. A Handheld terminal issued to each collection agent is used to register each pick-up-event, simply by touching the householder’s card.

Recording the date and time-stamp of the pickup event, it becomes fairly easy to track the sequence of events.

The Supervisor is aware of the movement and pickups of the various pickup trucks doing the rounds.

The Pick-up Agent gets a notification of the next address on his beat – along with the amount of money he is supposed to receive on payday.

The Consumer has a valid, no-argument basis to register a complaint against the irregular pickup agents for the authorities to take appropriate action.