Tactical Control Rooms

Regardless of the type of outfit doing the job, securing a perimeter is a stressful job. The Law-Enforcement Agencies, tasked with securing lives in a city or township are every-bit as flustered as the Border Security Forces manning international borders, as are security service companies providing security to private properties or apartment complexes.

With a perimeter larger than what can be easily kept under active surveillance, slip-ups, black-holes, or even “colluding” slip-ups are natural. And in the present day-and-age, security lapses can be potentially catastrophic.

A tactical control room serves as a single-point watchdog, monitoring the security on the ground. Using modern telecommunication networks and high-end cameras and surveillance equipments, it is fairly simple to virtually cover the entire perimeter for surveillance, with intelligence and analytics monitoring the occurrence in real-time- flashing any activity or in-activity that could cause concern. A group of human operators watching the show from the control room, can immediately notify the personnel on the field to go and investigate- thereby allowing a more comprehensive observation of the area under monitoring.

The communication efficiency available today, allow live video to be streamed across a distance in real-time. A feature hitherto unavailable – especially at economical rates.