The Hand Held Terminal

The Future Works Hand Held Terminal is an indigenous Handheld appliance designed to serve a cashless and paperless retail model for our customers. With intelligently designed interfaces, the device serves as a low-cost end-user-device with applications related to parking management, point-of-sale and retail management, inventory control and access management system.

  • The Easy Parking Solution

The Easy Parking Solution involves the use of our Handheld terminal as the key device used by the parking attendants in various parking lots across the country. With completely seamless operations, the terminal works  prepaid contactless smart card for vehicle owners, as they park their vehicles in different parking lots during the course of the day.

The ANPR functionality built into the system allows the attendant to record the vehicle registration number with the membership details as soon as the vehicle comes into the parking lot.

Completely eliminating the chances of wrong-doing, the terminal removes the ambiguity by way of issuing “Parking Receipts” and the handling of cash by the attendants. Using digital transactions, and transacting purely on the basis of Smart Cards, the Future Works terminal is set to revolutionize the way the parking business operates in India.

  • Casual Workers & Security Management for Apartment Complexes