Vehicle Tracking System

The FutureWorks Vehicle Tracking devices are GPS-equipped mobility appliances that may be installed into vehicles, for owners to track the movement of the vehicles in real-time.

Specifically designed at the behest of a large organization wishing to monitor the usage of lots cars and delivery vehicles, the VTS provides the management of the organization to track the location of the vehicle, get real-time inputs on the driving conditions and get real time notifications of vehicles going off the expected route, vehicle-breakdown or unscheduled stoppage.

Other models provide a series of enhancements to the basic Vehicle Tracking Unit

  • Geo-Fencing.
  • Fixed-dialing or regular means of telephonic contact with the driver of the vehicle
  • Real-time Navigation and Route Advise
  • Remotely initiated audio snooping to eavesdrop on the conversations inside the cabin.