The Wizdom framework is a complete Online distance-education solution that makes provides an easy to use Content Authoring and Delivery mechanism and an intuitive management capabilities for managing teachers, students,, moderators etc.

Features and Capabilities

  • Teaching Plan Management
  • The teachers or instructors can use the integrated interface to plan the delivery of the content easily, setting up different sessions and the content during each session.
  • Management of tests, assignments, project work and progress of students as they go through the various sessions.
  • Control the sequence of courses, prerequisites etc
  • Ability to create a Restricted-User / Publicly Accessible Knowledge Base etc.
  • Feedback from the students and reports with respect to the degrees of difficulties that the students face across specific topics.
  • Artificial Intelligent bots and data-mining algorithms to provide teaches with the necessary intel about how effective their delivery was- and areas where students are likely to have difficulties.
  • Delivery mechanism to address individual students, or a pre-scheduled group of students- depending upon the model of education favoured by the institution
  • Serves as a Platform On Hire- allowing third-party users to use the framework to carry out short term training sessions to their own fixed group of students.
  • Provision for real-time, live classroom sessions allowing teachers to teach a bunch of attending students live.