World Politan

There is virtually too much action happening all over the world. With varied news related to a bizarre range of contexts, across the globe, news is abundant on the Information Superhighway. At times, Too Much Information is as useful as No Information.

It is not often that an average news consumer decides to follow a play-by-play of every story doing the rounds. With life getting as fast paced as it is today, many people argue that perhaps 24 hours is just too little to cover a day’s business.

The World Bulletin App does not profess to create news. Nor does it profess to give you the first-to-reach live account of happenings as they unfurl. There are far too many providers of such services, way more seasoned and experienced than us, for us to venture into that space.

What the World Bulletin can do is give you crisp, relevant snippet. Featuring topics that you select and the kind of issues that interest you, World Bulletin plunges into this ocean of news-worthy-stories, giving you just enough to soothe your curiosity or need to know. And for those who think God lies in the details, the hyperlinks at the end of the story would be more than happy to take you for a play-by-play, right to the source.